corporate responsibility

Quality Assurance

TRIAINA S.A. proclaims that organization, applied accuracy and works phase inspection comprise of prerequisites to provide state-of-the-art building services, according to market competition in the field.

For that purpose, the company exerts certain principles, according to Quality Management System Standard EN ISO 9001:2015, which refer: 

  • To the administrative structure of the company. 
  • To offer and contract management. 
  • To setting Programmes of Project Quality.
  • To inspection and testing in compliance with quality specifications of projects 
  • To troubleshooting or complaining management during project construction and deliverance. 
  • To collaboration with specific suppliers and associates, who are reviewed, based on corporate quality assurance principles. 

To uphold such principles TUV AUSTRIA Hellas certifies TRIAINA S.A. accordingly (0105102).

Health and Safety at Work

TUV AUSTRIA Hellas has certified that TRIAINA S.A. (0306004) applies standard OHSAS 18001:2007 / ΕLΟΤ 1801:2008 according to Health and Safety at Work, which are absolute prerequisites in company operation.

Standard specifications are applied in every project, irrespective of its budget and nature. 

The principal corporate concern is the assurance of health and safety of personnel.

TRIAINA S.A. asserts that issues as health and safety must be encountered diligently and effectively. Therefore, the company reviews on a permanent basis the betterment of security level in all corporate activities in the office, as well as in the site field. 

Identifies specific responsibilities to everyone involved in every project phase, according to existing legal framework, in order to create a healthy and safe work environment, to avoid any peril towards personnel and beyond.

Defines Safety Technician in every project and realizes training seminars for all personnel in all departments, respective to their needs, in terms of foreseeing and confronting any related hazard.