• TRIAINA S.A. assumed the restoration  of the two-storey historic Bulgari School, which was donated by Sotirios Bulgaris, the creator of Bulgari, one of the most famous jewelery brands today. The building consists of 1.045m2, including basement. The contract also assigns the company with the reabilitation of the building's surrounding landscape. TRIAINA S.A. was contracted by Paramythia town, part of Souli Municipality, December 2021. The Bulgari School building will serve as  Paramythia's Cultural Centre of Arts, History, and Education in the town of Paramythia, Souli Municipality, Thesprotia Prefecture.
  • TRIAINA S.A. implemented the full reconstruction of 530m2 office space for Citrix headquarters, as part of a 3000m2 existing office building, also designed and developed by TRIAINA S.A., in Patras, May 2021. office venues
  • Renovation / reconstruction of listed building Galanopoulos Mansion into a hotel, in Patras, June 2019. 
  • TRIAINA S.A. undertook the construction of 1,895m2 single-storey, structural-steel-framed building, in Kefalonia Island, May 2019. It is a fish-product packaging facility with a two-storey office part and landscaping. 
  • TRIAINA S.A. was officially assigned to deliver a new three-storey structural-steel-framed City Hall building to Levadeon Municipality, in central Greece, April 2019. The contract assumes a total area of 2,400m2.
  • TRIAINA S.A. undertook the construction of 500m2 single-storey, structural-steel-framed building, in Lorida, in Thesprotia, Northwestern Greece, in October 2018. It is a fish-product packaging facility with a two-storey office part and landscaping. 
  • TRIAINA S.A. undertook the design and construction of the structural-steel frame and maintenance works of an existing listed building of a total area of 900m2, in the historic city centre of Corfu. The building entails mixed-use as in, public venues, entertainment, and commercial spaces, throughout its ground, first and second floor. All works began in May 2018. 
  • Official opening of new preserving,-processing-distributing-products-of-health-interest facility in Igoumenitsa, Western Greece. 
  • MED FRIGO S.A. officially operated their newest facilities of a total area of 3,025m2 in April 2018. TRIAINA S.A. architects and engineers produced planning permission and construction blueprints of the new facility, which comprises of a ground floor storage area of 1.610m2 and office/personnel spaces of an area of 1,415m2 in the ground and first floor, respectively. FOOD PROCESS & STANDARDISATION SITES

  • Official opening of 3-ACTION G.P. athletic services two-storey building with basement in Patras.
  • 3-ACTION G.P. officially launched its new 1.585m2-area headquarters' in October 2017. TRIAINA S.A. delivered facilities comprising of basketball and volleyball courts on the ground floor, 123 visitors' seating area on the first floor, and a full-functioning 278m2 swimming pool in the basement. SPORT COMPLEXES

  • Official opening of intercity and urban bus transport station, incl. office, petrol station and retail.

KTEL FOKIDAS S.A. and TRIAINA S.A. inaugurated the new intercity and urban bus transport station in the city of Amfissa in March 2017. PUBLIC VENUES

  • Official opening of the new commercial building in Patras.
  • KONSTANTOPOULOS S.A. launched their new commercial building in February 2017. TRIAINA S.A. procured and constructed the new building, which takes up a total area of 1,133m2 on a 7-acre site, in which the old corporate building is also located. COMMERCIAL VENUES

  • Assignment of construction of part of Chalandritsa peripheral road artery to the joint venture of ANODOS S.A. - TRIAINA S.A.

TRIAINA S.A. took over the construction of part of peripheral 3.4km-long road artery at a budget of 4.900.000€ in a joint venture with ANODOS S.A. construction company. Works started in March 2014. The project was fully delivered in February 2017. INFRASTRUCTURE

  • Development of innovating sustainable solutions based on nanotechnology towards energy-effective building design based on nanotechnological materials.
  • TRIAINA S.A. architects and mechanical engineers collaborated with Western Greece University of applied technology (former TEI of Western Greece) in June 2013 to produce a common proposal for Westeern Greece Peripheral Administration towards the "Development of innovating sustainable solutions based on nanotechnology towards energy effective building design based on nanotechnological materials" (Θ.Π., as part of the National Strategic Reference Framework in Western Greece - Peloponnese - Ionian Islands 2007 - 2013. Target of initiative is the development of a certain methodology of applied nanolayers on exterior shell of new and old buildings, based on specific architectural specifications and legal context.

  • Official opening of Panou High School Educational Institute in Palaiopanaya in the city of Nafpaktos 

Panou Educational Institute and TRIAINA S.A. inaugurated the two-storey high school unit in the city of Nafpaktos in September 2011, therefore presenting a fresh choice in children's education in Western Greece. EDUCATIONAL INSTITUTES 

  • MADE expo Milano Architettura Design Edilizia, Fiera Milano Rho 2010
  • TRIAINA S.A. architects and the manager of the procurement department attended the international building, architecture and materials exhibition in February 2010, in order to uphold training and growth of proposed solutions by TRIAINA S.A., through modern reliefs and materials..

    • XENIA 2009

    TRIAINA S.A. public relations and marketing department personnel attended the 41st Exhibition of Hotel and Restaurant Equipment in Metropolitan Expo, in Eleftherios Venizelos Airport during the second half of November 2009, targeting the advancement of corporate tourist services. 

  • Architecture as cultural Value and Action (Patras, November 2006)
  • During November 2006, the company participated as one of the sponsors in the 5th National Exhibition of Architects, which took place in Patras in the recently restored by TRIAINA S.A. listed building of Maragopoulos Warehouses.

  • Effective Energy Management and Safety of Smart Buildings - Peripheral Node of Innovation
  • TRIAINA S.A. in collaboration with the Western Greece University of applied technology (former TEI of Western Greece), the Industrial Systems Institute, the Hellenic Open University, INACCESS NETWORKS COMPANY and BLUE DEV has jointly proposed the materialisation of action "Development of Innovating Services and Systems for Effective Energy Management and Safety of Smart Buildings" towards Western Greece Peripheral Admministration, to create Peripheral Node of Innovation (Part 4.6 - Action 4.6.1).